'Dust, floats in air and is everywhere at the same time. 

Art is the same' is the motto that I pursue as the director and dustlab,

and I try to pursue works that dont confine themselves to a specific genre.

I try to observe from different attitudes and perspectives

‘먼지, 공기 중에 부유하며 어디에나 있다. 예술도 그와 같다.’라는 모토로 먼지연구소 소장으로 있으며, 

장르에 국한되지 않는 작업을 추구하고, 

여러 태도들의 시선으로 관찰하기를 시도하고 있다.



  • 2012 19 relay performance <Lee Young June x Parkkaro ‘CV’> / Seoul Art Space Seogyo
  • 2013 Group Exhibition -Flying Dimensionson <Masturbation Lesson> / Gallery 27
  • 2013 Group Exhibition –Leave, Don’t Return < I Like The Way You Grow> / Amado Art Space Seoul
  • 2014 Group Exhibition –BOX@DMC Media Exhibition <Texts for Aria> / DMC Public Relations Hall
  • 2014 Group Exhibition –Frontier Art Project Welcome/<Prompt: Order-Execution-Action> / B-art hall Busan
  • 2014 Group Exhibition –Weird Middleman Service / <Compromise Point>/ Indie Art Hall Hong Seoul
  • 2015 Group Exhibition – Crazy Exhibition <Human Trash Guide> / Alternative Space Loop Seoul
  • 2015 Group Exhibition - Brave New World/<Separated Space> / Alternative Space Loop Seoul
  • 2015 Group Exhibition - Trace Of Impression and Action  <Image Resume> / Dong-Jak Art Gallary Seoul
  • 2018 Group Exhibition - No Space Between / <Aperture Enclosed with Knowledge> / Boan1942 Seoul
  • 2019 Group Exhibition - Hybrid Artist  /(Un)certain Diagnosis / SeMA Bunker from Seoul Museum of Art
  • 2020 Group Exhibition - Antenna Space <The Role of Space Explorer>, <Lost Paradise> / Gallery Villa Hamilton Seoul
  • 2020 Solo Exhibition - <Boundary Between A and B> /Gallery Villa Hamilton Seoul
  • 2020 Group Exhibition – Not Moving Because of the Desire to Stay Immobile <Friction> / Euljiro OF Seoul
  • 2021 Coex Urban Break Art Fair / Art Brokerage Office <Boundary Between A and B> Seoul
  • 2022 Group Exhibition – City, Euljiro +2° Time of Middle <The Contemplative Tail> / Eulji Art Center Soeul
  • 2022 Group Exhibition – Paranormal Opera <Egoer> / Alternative Space Loop Seoul
  • 2022 Group Exhibition – TOO MUCH LOVE WILL KILL YOU / Subtitled NYC Brooklyn
  • 2023 Solo Exhibition - <33: Eternity, where the edge of our sleeves can't be stained> / Humor Garmgot Seoul
  • 2023 PACK FAIR 23 <We Want a Deep Stack> / Gonggan Wadiz Seoul