my name is karo

This name hs been brought from the Spanish word, 'Carlos'.

Carlos means a nomad and a free man in spanish.

in other words understood as ‘homeless’.

Mostly my works are painting, photography, video and sound.

I want to pursue and work in unlimited experimental genres.

My works focus on 'identity' and these days I am specifically working on the theme of 'making non-existing things exist' based on Shklovsky's motive of Defamilarization.

'Making non-existing things exist' can use diverse media for its tools. I can work not only as an artist but also as diverse titles such as scientist, architect or politician. I use the most basic, simple and easy-to-use method. I am working for more refined and systematic 'uselessness.' I want to express the conflict between existence and non-existence. I am working to become a useless artist.




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